Dr. Biplab Bandyopadhyaya

Dr. Biplab Bandopadhya is a renowned Consulting Endocrinologist and Diabetologist currently practicing at Thyroid Diabetes and Hormone Care, Raipur. He is also a visiting consultant at Fortis Hospital, RaipurĀ  and Ramkrishna Care Hospital, Raipur since October 2001. He has completed his doctorate in Medicine in the field of Endocrinology from the esteemed Institute of Medical Sciences, Benares.

In his previous assignments, he headed the project sponsored by World Diabetes... [+]

Behaviour pattern and lipid profile in Coronary heart disease. J of association, of phy of India 1992, vol 40 no 12.
Exercise tolerance test in primary hypothyroidism, JAPI; Vol 42, no 12.
Hashimotos thyroiditis with ophthalmopathy and dermopathy, JAPI 1997 vol 45, no 4.
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